5 Simple Health Habits

It kills me how much people over complicate what it takes to be healthy.  Here are some simple things that you can do to make drastic changes in your health.

Buy healthy groceries – I know, it seems so simple, but do you do it?  It does not take hours of research.  Here is a simple way to do it.  If it is canned, don’t buy it!  If it is fried, don’t buy it!  Stock up on fruit, vegetables and lean meat.  If you can go organic, do it!  I know that it is expensive, and not everyone can do it.  Again, if you can, do it.  If you don’t want to be drinking soda, don’t buy it!  If you know you shouldn’t be eating chips, don’t buy them!

Don’t drink your calories – The thing that you should be drinking the most is water, PERIOD!  No, the argument that soda is mostly water does not work.  Sorry, same goes for alcohol.  I try to stick to 3 different drinks.  1. Water  2. Milk  3. Shakeology  I try to keep soda to a minimum, and I don’t drink alcohol.

Snack on fruit, not chips.  Again, these seem like common sense tips, and they are.  However, are you doing them?  Most people don’t.  This one comes back to the first tip about buying healthy groceries.  If you don’t buy chips, they aren’t there to eat.  If you buy fruit, it is there to eat.

Get leftovers out of site.  I love to cook.  When I do, I tend to make a decent amount.  However, I don’t usually go back for seconds and thirds, which many people do.  After you get your plate made, put the rest away!  Pack it up and put it in the fridge.  If you see it sitting out, you are more likely to go back for more.

Move!  People often ask me what the best exercise is.  I tell them that the best exercise is the one you will actually do.  If you are seriously looking for a quality workout program CLICK HERE for some great options.

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