Boulder Shoulders

Hello world!  Team Beachbody Coach Joe Malone here with another great freebee workout.  This one is coming to you compliments of Tony Horton, the creator of The P90X Series.  This time he is focusing on shoulders.  Why?  It’s because of link, posture, and look. Number one, your shoulders link you arms to your body. Your shoulders have to work really well, they have to pick things up and they have to throw stuff. Number two, you don’t want to be 75-years-old and walking around looking at the ground. If you work your shoulders, you get nice and tall. Last but not least, good shoulders look.

Well, how did you like it? Tony doesn’t mess around.  This was just a quick shoulder workout that he wanted to share.  If you are interested in a full program by Tony, there are 4 to select from.

P90 – This is where it all begins.  If you are new to working out, or don’t think you are ready for anything too intense, this is the program for you.  LEARN MORE HERE

P90X – The X is for extreme.  This program consists of 45 – 60 minute workouts (with a 90 minute yoga workout), and they are extreme!  LEARN MORE HERE

P90X2 – If you have already done P90X, you will LOVE this program.  Again, these workouts are around 60 minutes.  I did moves in this program that I had never heard of before, and I have been in the fitness field for years.  You will really push your body, and the results will be worth it.  LEARN MORE HERE

P90X3 – Short on time?  This program is made up of 30 minute workouts, but don’t let the time fool you.  These workouts are TOUGH!  LEARN MORE HERE

Hey everyone, Team Beachbody coach Joe Malone here. My passion is helping people live happier, healthier lives. I work with P90X, Shakeology, The 21 Day Fix, Body Beast and more. I also help people build businesses as a Team Beachbody Coach.

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