Is Shakeology Dairy Free

Is Shakeology Dairy Free – Yes..and No.  Let me explain.

veganshakeologyYou see, there are different types of Shakeology.  The original flavors, chocolate and greenberry, utilized whey as their primary source of protein.  This comes from a dairy source.  For years they tried to come up with a dairy free, vegan friendly protein source for their shakes.  Finally, in 2012, they launch Vegan Shakeology.  Yes, Vegan Shakeology Is Dairy Free.  The breakthrough came when Beachbody came across fermented sprouted brown rice.  This was the magic ingredient that allowed them to deliver a high quality, great tasting shake that deliver healthy, dairy free protein.  Between the fermented sprouted brown rice and the pea protein, Vegan Shakeology is able to deliver 17g of protein.  It is important to note that Shakeology is so much more than a protein shake.  Check out this quick video.


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