Sugar, The New Tobacco

Here is an interesting article that I found on Google News.  It looks at sugar vs fat and the obesity epidemic.  What do you think?

The launch of new US documentary Fed Up in which it has been claimed that sugar is a bigger enemy for humans than fat has sparked a fresh debate.

The documentary was released last week and it tries to explain the effect which the current diets will have on our health if we do not change it.

The documentary claimed that 95 percent of Americans will be either obese or overweight within 20 years if they stick to same diet and one in three Americans will have diabetes.

While the documentary makers have made the predictions for US population, the message of this film is relevant for the rest of the world too. The documentary is produced by Laurie Davies, who also produced the global warming movie Inconvenient Truth. The documentary suggested that sugar causes the obesity epidemic.

Earlier also some health experts have said that sugar and not fat is the real cause behind obesity. Some medical professionals claimed that sugar is “the new tobacco”.

But not all are willing to accept this argument as some researchers claimed that not enough study has been done to explain the connection between sugar and obesity.

It is certain that this documentary will trigger several studies across the world to find out the connection between sugar and obesity and whether it is really dangerous than fat when it comes to health matters.

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