The Secrets To Weight Loss

It seems like every time I turn around there is a new weight loss “miracle pill”, or a new workout devise that will change your life.  Let me start off by saying that there is NO MAGIG PILL for weight loss.  Your weight loss comes down to 1 simple word, ENERGY!  Wait, what?  What does energy have to do with weight loss.  OK, I m going to explain this in the simplest way that I can.

Calories = energy

Fat = stored energy.

Exercise = burned energy

Your goal is to use more energy than you take in.  You have 3 different ways to do this.

  1. Take in less calories (energy).  The less calories that you take in, the more your body needs to tap into it’s stored energy supply, which results in weight loss.
  2. Burn more calories.  The more that you do, the more energy you burn through.  So, adding a 30-60 minute workout to your day will burn a lot of energy, and that energy needs to come from somewhere.  Exercise properly it will.  It will come from your stored fat.
  3. Combine proper nutrition and exercise to get maximum results.  The goal here is not to stop eating and to workout constantly.  The ides is to reduce your caloric intake while increasing your calories burned.

As a society, we tend to struggle with both of these health components.  We have become accustomed to larger than life portions, eating 2 to 3 times bigger meals than we need.  We have also become very dependent on technology, and spend less time being physically active.

The Secrets To Weight Loss Solution

The 21 Day Fix ReviewYou could spend a ton of time and energy researching different nutritional facts, workouts to do, and try to put it all together.  Sound like fun?  OR…..You can check out one Beachbody’s 21 Day Challenge.  This program is SUPER affordable (About $60), and does an amazing job combing short (30 minutes), effective workouts with an incredibly easy to follow portion control system.  Check out this quick video.


Why Does It Work?

It starts with the workouts.  They are short, effective, and you do them right in the comfort of your home.  No more needing to go to the gym, and if you can’t make 30 minutes for a workout, you need to seriously rethink your schedule.  Here are the 6 workouts that come with The 21 Day Fix.

  • Upper Fix. Targeted resistance training helps shape your chest, back, shoulders, arms, and abs.
  • Lower Fix. Firm and tone your entire lower body while you blast fat and burn calories.
  • Total Body Cardio Fix. Keep your heart rate up and your metabolism revved high long after the workout is over.
  • Cardio Fix. Get your heart pumping and your body moving as you melt away the pounds.
  • Pilates Fix. Strengthen your core, elongate your muscles, and firm your hips and thighs.
  • Yoga Fix. Improve your balance, flexibility, and strength as you help relax your muscles.

This program seriously has the simplest portion control system I have ever seen.  It comes with color coded containers.  You fill each container with it’s specific food, and that’s what you get to eat for the day.

  • Green—Vegetables
  • Purple—Fruit
  • Red—Protein
  • Yellow—Carbohydrates
  • Blue—Healthy Fats and Cheese
  • 2 Orange—Seeds and Oils
  • Shakeology® Shaker Cup—Drinks – Shakeology is include in the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack, which you can ORDER HERE.


Hey everyone, Team Beachbody coach Joe Malone here. My passion is helping people live happier, healthier lives. I work with P90X, Shakeology, The 21 Day Fix, Body Beast and more. I also help people build businesses as a Team Beachbody Coach.

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